Welcome to the Family School

You logged your student in to TEAMS. NOW WHAT? 
After the hi-fives and maybe Kleenex, these might help you get up and running:

  • 1: Have you joined the BF Day Family Facebook Page yet? It has so much good information. 
  • 2: Check out our Virtual Learning Resources.
  • 3: If you want to add $$ to your child's breakfast/lunch account, go to www.paypams.com   You'll have to create an account and know their 4-digit lunch code.
  • 4: Fill out your Emergency Contact information and first day packet forms which can be found HERE.
  • 5. Here's the link to the New Family Handbook.

BF Day Dictionary: What is Village? What is the Arty Party?  Read the list after the jump:

B.F. Day “Dictionary”

Assemblies – Each Monday morning during the school year there is an assembly. Families are always welcome and encouraged to attend. Please check the school schedule for when your child will be going to assembly. (Who – Students and parents; When – Monday mornings at 8am)

ArtFest – To celebrate the creative and artistic history of BF Day, in the Spring we hold our annual ArtFest. This event showcases a gallery walk of most students’ artwork, musical and drama performances. (Who – Students and families; When – Spring)

Arty Party – Our not-to-be-missed annual adult-only auction which honors the artistic center of Fremont and one of the central tenants of BF Day.  Families, merchants, teachers, and classrooms offer servies and donations to be auctioned at this event.  This event is highly anticipated and so fun. (Who – Grown ups only; When – Spring)

Boys & Girls Club – After school, some students at BF Day go to the Boys and Girls Club. There is a club on-site at BF Day that is currently at capacity and has a wait list. To get more information about future openings, please call: (206-547-7169).   The Wallingford Boys and Girls club is located at Stone and 45th. A bus takes students to this location after the school day. This location may still have spots available. Please call (206-436-1930) for more information. 

Bus transportation to this “club” needs to be set up by families in August by calling Transportation office at (206) 252-0900 or easier by emailing TransDept@seattleschools.org  It helps if your provide your child(ren)’s full name, ID#, and where they are traveling to and from.

Curriculum Night – Curriculum night is a adult-only event where families can meet students’ teacher(s) and learn about what is planned for academics during the school year. (Who – Grown-ups and caregivers; When – October)

Dragon Dens – One of the core beliefs of BF Day elementary is that we support and encourage socio-emotional growth for students and each other.

Dragon Dens are a monthly group meetings of mixed-grade groups who meet with the same adult every month. Students read books and engage with activities related to current topics and events, as well as conducts Q&A and workshops for the students to practice socio-emotional generosity and sensitivity.  Ask your student about these meetings, they are very special. (Who – Students; When – every month)

Field Day – End of year celebration with field games, all family and volunteer BBQ, and lots of fun, run by our wonderful P.E. teacher Vincent Delaney.  (Who – Students and parents; When – End of school year)

Islandwood – Multi-day residential school overnight program for 5th graders at Islandwood, a learning center on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Lost & Found - Gets donated to charity three times per year.  If you lose something that week, call the office to look and save it.  Even better – label everything.  Lost and Found is located at the Northwest entrance and is often hung in the 2nd floor hallway before it leaves for Charity, Winter break, Spring break and Summer break. Smaller items can be found in the office.

Lowers, Uppers, and Upper Uppers – The three playgrounds at BF Day are named for their location. The “Lowers” is the playground in the southwest of campus; the “Uppers” is the playground on the main level. The “Upper Uppers” is a Seattle Parks playground that is also frequently used by students during and after school.

Pumpkin Parade – The annual parade occurs close to Halloween near the end of the school day, rain or shine. There are opportunities for students in the library for those that wish to opt-out. (Who-Students and families; When – close to Halloween)

Science Fair – Yearly exhibit of K-5 science projects.  Students are asked to come up with their own project or conduct a project suggested by their teacher. (Who – students; When – February; Required for grades 2-5)

Sun Dragon Fun Run – Yearly jog-a-thon style fundraiser with lots of fun costumes, competitions, and prizes (Who – students; When - Spring)

Take Your Parent to School Night – Annual “Open House” for students to give their families an opportunity to view their work in their classroom.  (Who – Students and adults; When – late Winter)

Village – One day close to the end of the school year, BF Day turns into a microeconomy. Each classroom creates crafts or experiences and sells goods or provides a service that can be purchased with BF Day Bucks. $1 USD = $5 Day Bucks.  The kids are given a stipend each year and can put their BF Day bucks in a savings account to use year after year. This is a popular event with many alumni attending. (Who – Students and parents; When – end of the school year)